Our Story

Our Story

Our Family back in the day

Our family circa 1979. Freja is in the American Flag shirt & Ingmar is the little boy at bottom.

Freja’s Foods is a family business run by a sister and brother team, Freja Nelson & Ingmar Sciortino.

Although Freja’s Foods was founded in 2012 in the Sierra foothills of Northern California, the roots of our business go back much further.

For nearly 40 years guests at our family gatherings have been saying “If I could eat like this everyday, I could be a vegetarian!” In the 1970’s our parents became vegan and never looked back.

Their secret? Our very talented and devoted mother pioneered vegan cooking with a mission. She knew that making healthy food is not good enough. She knew that Vegan food has to be delicious and satisfying too. Our family was raised vegan but it was not just about sprouts and carrot juice. We had sizzling, smoky barbeques, Italian style “wheat balls, delicious tacos and all of the comfort food in between! Thanks Mom!!!

We started Freja’s Foods because we believe everyone should be able to have what our family has had for decades; healthy, satisfying, vegan food that tastes great too. No sacrifice necessary. Now you can enjoy our families style of  Seitan. Whatever your good reason: health, the environment, saving animals, or just because it’s super delicious! We believe in all of them.

Knowing we are doing good all the way around keeps us motivated every day. We hope you enjoy our products!

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