About Seitan

About Seitan



Seitan (say-TAHN) means “ideal protein” or “made of protein” in Japanese. If it’s not meat and it’s not soy, what is Seitan made from? Seitan is made from wheat protein also known as “wheat gluten”. A grain of wheat contains starch (the carbohydrate), bran (the fiber & a tiny bit of fat) & protein (gluten). In making Seitan we wash the fiber and starch away leaving the protein. Because we start with whole grain wheat flour our Seitan is  low carbohydrate, high fiber and of course, high protein.

Using wheat protein as a meat alternative dates back to Ancient China. Legend has vegetarian Buddhist Monks developed Seitan and served it instead of meat to traveling/invading Samurai Warriors who sought food and shelter. With it’s meat like texture and flavor, and nearly as much protein as beef, no wonder the Samurai liked it.

Freja’s Foods took the basic concept of Seitan and revamped it for our modern American tastes. Our goal is very similar to that of the Chinese monks so long ago-we make alternatives to meat that satisfy people who like meat.


Why Soy Free? First, we want to point out that we at Freja’s Foods love soy. Tofu is a wonderful and healthy vegetarian protein that also dates back centuries in Asia. That said- Freja’s Foods Seitan is soy free. Virtually every other meat alternative on the market today contains soy. From vegetarian hot dogs to veggie burgers, soy is ubiquitous. It is important to have balanced healthy diet! Freja’s Foods Seitan is a delicious high protein alternative made from simple, organic ingredients. Sometimes its good to go with the grain!


One of Freja’s Foods key values is to only offer to our customers what we would serve our to our own families, food made from certified organic, non  GMO ingredients! Despite the fact that using all organic ingredients costs substantially more. Your health is worth it!


Freja’s Foods is committed to non GMO ingredients in everything we do! There are serious concerns about the health and environmental impact of Genetically Modified Foods. Numerous studies have shown that when we alter the genetic makeup of the food we eat, our bodies sometimes have a harder time processing them.

For thousands of years humans have been eating wheat as a staple. Why now are so many people finding themselves unable to digest the “grain of life”?

NO FRANKENFOODS: Every ingredient in Freja’s Foods Seitan is simple and recognizable. We never use anything that was produced in a laboratory.

Many of the meat alternatives available today have huge ingredient lists full of ingredients that look like an excerpt from a college chemistry text book.

We believe that healthy food does not require test tubes. Seitan is and always will be made with pure, natural ingredients.


Gluten is a very healthy protein and gives bread it’s wonderful chewy texture.

Gluten is the name for the protein in grains. All grains contain protein that is theoretically gluten but people with celiac disease and most other gluten allergies only react to the form of gluten found in wheat (including spelt, kamut, triticale and all varieties of wheat), barley, and rye. 

Our Seitan is in fact a gluten based product and it would be impossible to make it gluten free. In our opinion (of course) wheat and the gluten that comes with it is an age old and important staple food in the human diet.

We respect people who cannot consume gluten, like those with the very serious Celiac Disease. True Celiacs make up less than 2% of the population. We believe that the majority of gluten sensitive people are actually not sensitive to gluten but are sensitive to a poor diet.

We  have to tell this story because it perfectly illustrates our point: A friend announced she was gluten intolerant after cutting out gluten in her diet for two weeks and feeling much better for it. She then started eating gluten again and felt horrible! She was convinced. We asked what she had eaten instead of gluten. She had gone to the health food store and bought organic quinoa, leafy greens, fruit, beans and all sorts of nutritious whole foods that don’t contain any gluten. We asked what she ate when she went back on gluten. She said “two boxes of cookies and a large pizza”. No wonder she felt so bad! We think this could be a common scenario.

It turns out scientists are starting to agree. Researchers who provided key evidence for gluten sensitive have now shown that it doesn’t exist!




FREJA’S FOODS SEITAN INGREDIENTS:  Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Vital Wheat Gluten flour, Water, Organic Tomato Paste, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar,  Organic Raisins, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Black Strap Molasses, Organic Dried Garlic, Organic Dried Onion, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Coriander, Sea Salt

The nutritional information & ingredients with and without sauce (shown below) are the same for all of our Seitan products. We keep it simple. Everything  starts as a big Seitan roast. We process the roast into Chops, Bites, Slices and Ground.

Our gourmet sauce has been reduced down from the delicious broth we cook our Seitan in.

The below nutrition facts on the right are specific to the retail sized units which contain 8 oz of Seitan and 2 oz of sauce.

The below nutrition facts on the  left is only the 8 0z of Seitan. For those who wish to reduce sodium and or fat, use less sauce.

We are very proud of the fiber, protein and iron content!


Seitan without Freja’s Original Sauce


Seitan with Freja’s Original SauceEPSON MFP image


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